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Ethan Hyde is a leading, local real estate agent Bundaberg locals rely on for transparent selling and buying advice in Bundaberg, Queensland. Backed by 15-years of local knowledge and close community ties, Ethan has worked with some of Australia’s largest brands brokering deals and successfully navigating complex sales.

One to one service from start to finish

Transparent market advice and insights

Best price and terms for vendors

A true local with 4670 expertise

A Bundaberg Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Tired of getting the run around from other real estate agents in Bundaberg? I get it, and don’t stress, you’re not alone. Bundaberg is a city on the move and with so many properties cropping up for sale, other agents are treating sales like a numbers game.

For me, that’s not my style. I know that each time I represent a seller I’m responsible for managing what is (in most cases) their most valuable asset. As Bundaberg’s leading real estate agent, I make it my priority to safeguard your best interests and ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

If I’m the right fit, I’ll be your agent and guide you through the process. If I’m not the right fit for your property or believe that someone else can help you achieve a better outcome, I’ll be the first to tell you. Get in touch to set up an initial consultation and see how we can work together to secure the best possible sales outcome for your property.

Bundaberg Real Estate Market Insights At A Glance

Bundaberg Median House Price 2024


(Annual Growth Rate 9.7%)

Bundaberg Median Unit Price 2024


 (Annual Growth Rate 6.61%)

Bundaberg’s High Growth Suburbs

  1. Bundaberg South
  2. Branyan
  3. Kalkie
  4. Bargara

Standout Market Insights

House Rental Yields in Bundaberg hit 4.7% in March 2023. These numbers eclipse Brisbane (3.7%) and, paired with a 17.9% increase in median house rent prices between Q1 2022 and Q1 2023 show a hot Bundaberg real estate market.

The Selling Process for Your Bundaberg Property

My job as a Bundaberg real estate agent is to sell your property for the best possible price and best possible terms with the least amount of stress. Here’s how that works:


Consultation & Briefing

An initial consultation to discuss your specific property preferences and desired outcome to align objectives and services provided.


Pricing & Terms

Working out an optimal pricing strategy and developing the terms of sale to maximise the value and meet your objectives.


Prepare Property for Sale

Staging, repairs, and presentation enhancements will be made to the property to prepare it for listing and attract potential buyers.


Prepare Sales Docs

Providing assistance with the compilation of the necessary documentation for the sales process and legal compliance.


Engage Vetted Prospects

Reaching out through various channels to prospective buyers that show genuine interest in purchasing your property.


Sales Strategy & Marketing

Launching a tailored marketing strategy that highlights the property’s unique features and increases exposure for the listing.   


Auction or Sale

Managing the sale of the property through a private or auction transaction on your behalf for a favourable outcome.


After Sale Service

Providing ongoing support after the sale of the property to address any remaining issues or concerns.


Local Real Estate Agent in Bundaberg

Local expertise, personalised service.

When you partner with Ethan Hyde, you’ll get a local Bundaberg real estate agent that understands the local market, trends, and what works – from marketing to campaigns. To ensure the best outcome, I take a measured approach that includes the following:

  • Communication with vetted prospective buyers
  • End-to-end marketing across all relevant digital platforms
  • Advanced negotiation to secure the best outcome
  • Real estate photography and videography that highlights your property


Your property is unique, and deserves a tailored strategy to achieve the ideal outcome you have in mind. Get in touch to find out how we can work together to sell your property in Bundaberg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a real estate agent charge?

The charges involved in working with an estate agent can vary – some real estate agents have lower fees that undercut the industry and will focus on putting up a large volume of listings. Other’s may charge more, but sell less properties, and focus on a higher quality of service. The standard rate for real estate agent fees is 3.3%, but different home values can also influence commissions.

Can we sell our property with zero advertising?

Yes – it’s definitely possible. I have sold a number of local properties from just using our data base. When it comes to selling a property in Bundaberg, it’s just about matching the right property with the right people – and it might just be that we’ve got right people in our data base.

How much is advertising?

Depending on what you get, advertising costs will be around $2000 – $2500. Advertising isn’t something you want to skimp out on, as it plays a huge role in who your property reaches and the first impression they’ll have. 3D walkthroughs are fantastic for interstate buyers, videos will attract an audience on social media, and of course, is the major player for buyer leads.

Should I sell with a price or without a price?

This one is up to you – but I can certainly help you to make that decision. Selling without a price opens the possibility up of getting more money than anticipated, as people may end up offering more than expected. However, selling without a price can also bring in leads who are not necessarily ready to buy, and others who may massively undervalue the property with an offer.

Selling with a price is clear, so there are no risks of time wasters or those who don’t bother putting in an offer because they assume it’s going to be out of their budget. However, selling with a price can also put a cap on what you receive.

Ultimately, it will come down to the property, its value, the area, and the current market. When it’s time to sell your property, we can sit down and list the pros and cons of each, to make sure you’re making the right decision for your home.

Is it better to sell through an auction or a private sale?

Both selling options are perfectly viable with their own set of pros and cons — finding which is better will depend on your goals and preferences for the sale, as well as the fair market value of your property. 

An auction will create a more competitive environment for the sale of your property, and works especially well for fetching a higher sale price when it comes to highly-demanded properties. However, this method of sale tends to exclude buyers that do not want to take part in the hectic bidding process. 

A private sale is a more preferable option if you are particular about having more control over the choice of buying party and the sale price. Private sales usually take slightly longer to conclude as a result of the lower perceived competition. I will be able to provide you an expert option once I have a good understanding of your priorities for the sale of the property.

Do you provide assistance with property staging or preparation for sale?

Yes, I will be able to provide your home with everything it needs to maintain an ideal appearance and condition for sale. I can arrange for your property to be staged professionally in preparation for a listing or advertising. My services will help to ensure that your Bundaberg property stands the best chance of being sold for an ideal outcome.

How long will it take to sell my Bundaberg property?

This will depend on various factors like your ideal sale price, the availability of suitable buyers, and the condition and value of your property. As a general guide, the current average time period that houses spend on the market before being sold is 17 days in Bundaberg. Of course, this is only an estimate, and the actual time it will take will depend on what your personal goals for the property sale.

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