6 Tips To Sell For The Highest Price


Selling a house can be stressful. Done privately, it’s a huge headache. With the right real estate agent, it’s a breeze.

But, remember the agent can only do so much. There are a lot of things that you as a seller can do that will make your property stand out in the market.

Below are a few tried and tested tips that will help you quickly sell your house at the best price possible. Preparation and a bit of work will pay off greatly come settlement.

Clear All The Mess & Get A Storage Unit

Over time, we accumulate stuff. A lot of it! Clear as much of it as you can. A storage unit can help clear your home making it seem bigger and tidier.

If people look in cupboards and see your stuff spilling out, they’ll assume the cupboards are small. If you have extra tables in the living area that people need to walk around, they’ll feel trapped.

This gives a feeling of a house that won’t feel like a home – or at least one that may be too small.

The less thinking the buyer has to do, the better. They should enjoy the tour – not feel cramped.

Fix Everything In The House

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Fixing everything before listing your property for sale makes a big difference. Buyers are already looking for things they can use to negotiate the price.

Fix all the dripping taps, broken doors, and lights. Also, make sure that all the electrical wires and switches are good to use.

If you have to think about it, fix it. Getting your own building and pest inspection can help identify problems and save time when finding a buyer.

Be Honest And Open About Your Property

Every house has positive and negative points which are inarguable. Hence, knowing how to communicate well with your agent to sell your property while acknowledging those negativities upfront won’t waste anyone’s time.

Be honest regarding everything to do with your property. Being clear upfront helps control the deal down the line.

Keep Your Pride Aside & Fix The Right Price

Nothing slows a deal faster than a property that’s over-priced. Don’t let your ego burn a great deal.

If you’ve selected an honest real estate agent, ask them to show you recent sales in the area and current listings. This will give you an idea of how they came to their estimate.

Share your suggestions on what you think the price should be as well. Choose a price that would open the doors for buyers.

If you don’t agree on a price, remember we can drop it later but risk the listing going stale. Remember, that buyers are more educated these days so ask the things depending on that.

Make Your House A Home

Making your home a place that people would not want to leave should be your ultimate and only goal.

Your house should be such that people are ready to move in straight away. Show and tell them everything that they can expect from your house.

Your home should be absolutely clean with no dirt on doors and no dust on the surfaces. Your home should not be messy. Decorate the space with fresh paint, fluffed pillows, and fresh flowers, as they could be appealing to your buyers.

Turn the music and lights on to lift the atmosphere of the house. These small details would show the buyers that you care for the house and how well you kept the home all these years.

Your home should also smell good. No one wants to enter a place that stinks like a rotten fish. First impressions are the best and you should always try to exceed the expectations of the buyer.

List Your Home With A Real Estate Agent

Now that you’ve done all the modifications and made your house beautiful and picture-perfect, it’s time to advertise.

Research the many different agents and find out what makes them different.

A good one will give you an honest opinion on price, charge a fair commission, and be able to walk the walk.

Final Words:

The real estate market is very busy this year putting sellers in a strong position. With a shortage of homes for sale, buyers are out in droves. Take note of the above points and get your home in the best possible condition for sale.
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