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For far too long, buyers have had the advantage knocking sellers down tens of thousands of dollars. It’s time to level the playing field! 
It’s time sellers were represented…

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Hi, I’m Ethan… A local real estate agent here in Bargara. I’m a bit different to most agents. Instead of treating you as another number, we’re likely to end up becoming great friends by the end of it all.

My job is to sell your property for the best possible price and best possible terms with the least amount of stress! Selling in one of the best investment areas, I genuinely want to see you get the best possible outcome with your home.

With buyers trying to get everything for bottom dollar, agents often get pushed around, leading to lower sale values. I’ll be your man on the ground going to battle for you and I’ll ensure you get the best deal you deserve.

Ethan Hyde

Local Bargara Real Estate Agent

Why Choosing Ethan As Your Real Estate Agent In Bargara Is The Right Choice!

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When Selling In Bargara Or The Coast,
Marketing Matters

How your home is marketed can make or break the campaign. It’s not as simple as slapping it on RealEstate.com.au and hoping for the best. 

Your agent needs to be enthusiastic and proactive. My goal is to get your property in front of as many people looking to buy in Bargara or the coastal suburbs such as Innes Park.

I do this by filming a professional video like the one you see on this page from 20 Mary Fox Street in Innes Park. This video was used as an ad on social media and blasted to the entire postcode. It also allowed me to highlight some incredible features that add tens of thousands in value.

Professional photography is a must. Any real estate agent in Bargara taking their own photos doesn’t value your home enough. I have an expert photographer on hand to ensure your home glistens and demands attention. Some of his photos are below for you to see.

Lastly, phone calls. It’s no use sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. Most agents have thousands of people in their database. It’s time to start calling them and get people to your home.


Recent Professional Photography

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How To Choose A Real Estate Agent In Bargara

Local Bargara Real Estate Agent

Bargara Real Estate Agent


I’m the best Bargara Real Estate Agent and have an incredible track record for getting sellers great results.

I benefit from having a strong and extensive database with lots of hungry buyers. Not only that, my marketing stands out. 

You may have seen my listings in the past. By using the very best real estate photographer in Bargara, I ensure your home looks second to none. Along with that, you also get a state of the art video showcasing your home to a broader audience.

For home to sell successfully, it’s important you hire the best real estate agent in Bargara.

With our town being flooded with real estate agents, it can be hard to find the diamond in the rough. 

As you’ve seen, I have the track record to prove it. Dozens of 5 star reviews I’m proud of. Every house sold for the best price and best terms. And, a steady flow of referrals who’ve heard about my work.

I dedicated to giving you the best Bargara real estate agent experience. Let me show you what I can do for you, not just tell you about it.

Selling your home in Bargara, Innes Park, Coral Cove or any of the surrounding areas may seem daunting. But when you’ve sold a few like I have, it’s very simple.

First we meet. We sit down and chat about your needs and where you want to go.

We discuss the costs involved, what paperwork we complete, and a few other things such as open homes.

From there, you and I sign a Form 6. This is a listing agreement between yourself and me. It stipulates what I can and can’t do. It tells you the commission you’ll pay. It also helps us decide on a price to market your home for.

Once the paperwork is sorted, I’ll go ahead and book the photographer. We’ll pick a good day when the sun is shining and decide what angle of the sun/time of day works best.

Once your photos are taken, I’ll write up a descriptive sales text for the major websites to draw attention to yours.
Now your property is online.

From here, we book in open times to view your property.

I record the details of every group that comes through your home – for security and marketing reasons. 

After I have negotiated with the buyers, I’ll present you a great offer. We might go back and forth ironing out some terms until it’s ready to send off to solicitors to proof the contract.

Once they say it’s all good, you and the buyers sign it and wait for the terms to be met – such as finance etc.

Then settlement date arrives and you receive your money and the buyers get the keys to their home.

And thats it.

Pretty simple once you’ve done it a hundred times but as your Bargara real estate agent, I handle all of the stress and phone calls while you sit back and relax.

The cost of a real estate agent in Bargara is affected by a variety of factors including:

  • Budget. Marketing can range in costs from “Free” aka cheap and nasty up to $2500 depending on the home.
  • Effort By The Agent. Some agents are lazy. That’s the harsh truth. I know them. I see them. But, I will not become one. My duty of care is to you. I need to get you the best possible outcome as per our agreement.
  • Experience. The more experienced an agent, it’s likely their commission is higher. Younger agents who are new will drop their commissions to get business. Some agents have been doing this a while but don’t have the sales experience will charge less as well. This is simply because they don’t know how to charge appropriately or don’t know how to sell very well. You’ll notice this if they can’t sell you the best marketing package. If $2000 is hard to sell, imagine how much they struggle with a $500,000 home. This inexperience could be the difference between $500,000 and $535,000 for you.

Of course. I’ve sold homes for people in New Zealand, Europe, and Asia before. If your home is in Bargara, then you’ll need a Bargara real estate agent.

Just because I’m a Bargara real estate agent doesn’t mean I’m limited to coastal homes. I’ve sold units in Bundaberg and acreage at Lowmead. Nothing is off limits.

I’ve sold commercial farms running cattle as well as small crops farms. No matter the job, I have the experience and team to do the job.

This can depend on a number of factors including:

  • Price. If the price is too high, it simply won’t sell. Every now and again you hear of a record price down the road and think you can get the same BUT, you don’t know the person’s situation. I’ve sold homes to people who will be homeless in 21 days unless they get something. Price is no longer an issue. The person down the road is no longer in the market either. So, the number of buyers is less and a bit more normalised. I’ll get you the best price but it needs to be reasonable.
  • Your receptiveness to feedback. I’ll tell you after a week if the price is too high. I’ll show you the feedback from people who’ve seen your property. If you listen to me, I will sell your home. But if you don’t, your home could sit there for months and become stale.
  • Time of year. Voting season for some reason slows down sales. After a week or two it picks back up but it is evident. Holiday seasons can have a mixed effect. Sometimes there are more people in town who want to look other times noone is looking. Solicitors are closed so not a lot is happpening with them either.
  • Marketing. If you’re marketing is done correctly, your home will get more visitors. Nice photos and clever text will always outshine cheap photos and a rush job by the agent.

At the end of the day, I’ll guide you to the best result. As long as we work as a team, your home will sell in a relatively short time frame.