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Partner with a local Bargara real estate agent that leverages more than 15-years of local knowledge and experience to secure the best result for your property.

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Sell your home faster and secure the best price with a local Bargara real estate agent that understands the local market and leverages a network of qualified prospects on your behalf.

For more than 15-years, I have been helping local home owners to sell their property and secure the best possible outcome through all market conditions.

In 2024, the Bargara Real Estate market is in high demand with soaring prices in SE Queensland and a burgeoning population continuing to lure buyers further north. Tight stock and an average house price surge of 10.57% and unit price surge of 19.15% over the past 12-months is good news for property owners looking to secure the best price for their property.

Early signs of interest rate changes as well as strong rental returns means a strong pool of qualified, motivated buyers in the Bargara regions. Over the past 12-months, time on the market for properties in Bargara was just 18 days for houses and 21 days for units with exceptionally strong clearance rates across the market.

As an experienced Bargara Real Estate agent, my job is to guide you through the process, match your property with qualified buyers, and ensure a fast, painless campaign. My team and I work with property owners across Bundaberg and Bargara to deliver consistently exceptional results that secures the highest sale price and best possible outcome on your property.

Bargara Real Estate Market Snapshot

Bargara Median House Price 2024


(12-month growth of 9.8%)

Bargara Median Unit Price 2024


(12-month growth of 4.8%)

Bargara Average Rental Yield



Important Bargara Market Insights

The Bargara has enjoyed considerable growth between Q4 2022 – Q4 2023 with a 9.8% increase in average house price, a 4.8% increase in average unit price and a median time on market of around 60 days.

The Sales Process For Bargara Real Estate


Client consultation and strategy


Property valuation and terms of sale


Property staging and presentation


Sales documentation preparation


Targeted buyer outreach and engagement


Custom marketing and sales strategy development


Sales process execution (auction or private sale)


Post-sale support and services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Standard rates for sales are 3.3% however this may be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on the property type and value. Following an initial consultation and appraisal, I’ll provide you with a realistic timeframe for the sale, what you can expect from me as your agent, and what you can expect for your property.

Do we always need advertising?

No, not always. As a local Bargara real estate agent, I’ve sold a number of properties in Bargara with little or no advertising at all. It really depends, as an agent, it’s my job to connect you with the right buyers. Depending on your property and previous campaigns, there may be suitable buyers that are already waiting and ready to go.

If I do need advertising, how much is it?

Advertising costs for a standard property sale in Bargara will cost between $2,000 – $2,500. Whilst the upfront cost may seem a lot, it is a small investment to show your property in the best possible light and attract the right buyers.

Is Bargara a good area to buy in?

Our expert opinion is yes, and here’s why: Bargara has been seeing a massive boom in property prices since 2021, which is expected to continue through the next few years as the regional council introduces more infrastructure upgrades. 

If you are looking to buy property in Bargara, whether it’s for investment or a forever home, now’s the time to do it — it has all the trappings of a vibrant and convenient neighbourhood, with future potential for growth and expansion. 

Do you have experience selling property in Bargara?

As a local real estate agent in the Bundaberg Region, I’m intimately familiar with Bargara and its property market. I do have extensive experience in helping clients sell and buy properties in Bargara and have deep connections within the area including off-market properties. 

When you work with me, I can help you position your Bargara property to achieve the best sale price that it can fetch on the market. I’ll also assist you by providing expert advice and helping you through the entire property transaction, whether it’s with an auction or a private sale, up to the transfer of ownership and settlement. 

Can you value my property?

Absolutely. As soon as we start working together, I’ll engage a professional valuer to provide an accurate valuation of your property. This will help both of us set the right expectations for how much you may be able to receive from a sale, as well as build a tailored strategy for the sale.

Is it better to sell via auction or private sale?

Neither one is better than the other — it really depends on what you want to prioritise from the sale of your property, as well as how highly-valued or demanded your property is. 

If you want to have more control over the price of your property and who you’ll be selling it to, a private sale will allow you to be more selective. However, private sales tend to be less competitive and may take much longer to find a suitable buyer. 

In contrast, auctions can generate more competition between prospective buyers and result in a quicker sale. The fast-paced nature of auctions may end up excluding certain buyers who don’t want to engage in the process. 

Once I have a good understanding of your preferences for the sale, I’ll be able to recommend the best option for selling your Bargara property. 

Can you help with finding off-market properties?

Of course. As a local myself, I have established connections in the neighbourhood to help you source for off-market properties that you won’t find publicly listed. 

I’ll work closely with you to understand your property preferences and budget and aim to narrow down the property search process for you for buying options that meet them. 

How long will it take to sell my house?

It depends on how much focus you want to place on the outcome of your property sale. To get a satisfactory outcome, there needs to be a balance between the speed of selling your property and the sale price. There are also other factors like the condition and demand of your house, as well as the availability of suitable buyers. 

On average, houses in Bargara spend about 18 days on the market. This is by no means a guarantee that your house can be sold within this timeframe, but it’s a general guide for what you can expect. On my end, I’ll work to ensure that your priorities are placed at the forefront of the selling strategy.

What documents do I need before listing my property?

You’ll need to have several key documents on hand before your property can be listed for sale in Bargara, such as the property title deed, recent land survey, building plans, and any relevant permits. These documents are usually requested by buyers as part of the consideration process and are helpful to have on hand to smoothen the sale. 

With me as your Bargara real estate agent, you’ll be able to know exactly what documents you need to prepare in advance to ensure the best chance of your property sale. I’ll provide you with a clear list of what you need, and help you organise the entire sale process.

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