How To Sell Your House In Bundaberg


Selling a house is big deal. For some, they only do it once or twice in their lifetime. Others, flip houses for a living.

Understanding the process to get your property sold is essential to getting you the best result.

A great agent will guide you through what needs to be done. They’ll understand the buyer and what they’re looking for along with what sells. Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you think.

Get A Free Appraisal & Choose An Agent

Most agents will jump at the opportunity to appraise a home so you need to do your homework.
A great real estate agent in Bundaberg will understand the market and what’s a reasonable price for your home.
A common tactic used by agents is to suggest a property is worth more than it is. This gets the seller excited and signing the dotted line. 3 months later and the property is still for sale with no bites.

When looking for an agent, investigate their marketing methods. Are they proactive in what they do? Do they upsell you into unnecessary advertising plans because they don’t know how to do it themselves?

When you’re working with me, I know marketing. I understand it’s about connecting with the buyer. Speaking their language is essential to get them to buy.
Social media is where people hang out. Can your agent create high quality Facebook and Instagram ads or do they need to outsource this for a hefty sum?
Marketing costs are less with me as I have my own drone, over a decade of social media advertising experience, and graphic design experience.

Prepare Your Property For Sale

Properties that are appealing to the eye sell for more and faster than those that are messy and unkept.
A simple mow of the lawn, pulling of weeds, and trimming bushes can make a world of difference.

The inside of your house needs to feel welcoming and warm to the buyer. Grubby walls and odd smells will deter buyers and lead them to believe they need to put in work before they’ll be comfortable.

Go the extra mile and ensure everything is presented in the best light. You’ll be grateful you did!

Styling a home helps if your house is empty or your furniture is worn. A stylist will replace everything in the house with modern and stylish furnishings guaranteed to get you the best sales result.

Be Patient

Even the best agent can’t control the buyer. Marketing takes time to show results. Most properties in Bundaberg take between 20-90 days to sell.
In hot markets, some sell in a day. But, this isn’t to be considered standard.

Ask for regular updates from your agent so you can measure their performance. This will also allow you to have open conversations about what can be done to move the property sooner.

It’s important to listen to your agent and ask as many questions as possible. As your agent (myself hopefully) sells homes for a living, they know if a property is priced too high or needs work done.

Above all, when selling your property, find an agent who trust and are happy to build a long-term relationship with. You’ll be thankful you did.