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With over 15 years of experience servicing the entire Bundaberg region, I am more than familiar with the process of buying and selling property in the coastal town of Innes Park. 

As a local living in the region, I have the right connections to help you find a property that perfectly suits your needs or position your Innes Park property for the best sale price outcome. When you work with me, you won’t have to worry about the smaller details of buying or selling — I’ll handle them to keep the entire process as fuss-free as possible for you. 

Whether you’re searching for the ideal Innes Park home or looking to get the best value from your existing property, get in touch with me today to kickstart the process with a transparent and honest real estate agent that puts you first.

Innes Park Real Estate Market Snapshot

Innes Park Median House Price 2023


(12-month growth of 1.4%)

Innes Park Average Rental Yield



Important Innes Park Market Insights

The House Price Guide for homes in Innes Park have enjoyed significant growth over the past five years with a 76% increase, and paired with a 4.5% on House Rental Yields, Innes Park is the place to be for buying and selling homes in the region.

The Selling Process for Your Home


Consultation with the client


Property valuation and outlining terms of sale


Preparation of property for the sale


Sales documentation preparation


Engage with vetted buyers


Sales strategy and marketing development


Auction or sale of the property


 Post-sale services and support

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your rates?

Charges involved with working with an estate agent can vary, but standard rates are 3.3%. This could be slightly higher or slightly higher depending on the property type and value, and also on the real estate agents themselves. Some may choose lower fees to focus on larger volumes of listings, and some may charge more and focus on a higher quality of service, ultimately selling less properties.

Can you value my property?

Absolutely. As soon as we start working together, I’ll engage a professional valuer to provide an accurate valuation of your property. This will help both of us set the right expectations for how much you may be able to receive from a sale, as well as build a tailored strategy for the sale.

Do you need advertising and if so, how much is it?

You do not always need advertising. I have sold a number of properties in the region with little or no advertising at all, just by using our data base. When it comes to selling a property in Innes Park, it’s just about matching the right people with the property that is going to best suit them. Advertising is an investment to show your property in the best light, and costs can range anywhere between $2,000 – $2,500. 3D walkthroughs will work wonders with interstate buyers, while videos will help draw social media audiences.

Is it best to sell my property with a price or without?

When selling without a price, there is the possibility that you may get more money than anticipated as people may offer more. However, people may also massively undervalue the property and offer prices that you are not happy with. The choice is up to you, but I can help you in making the right decision for you.

When selling with a price, the numbers are clearly there, minimising risk of time wasters or those who don’t have the budget. It boils down to the property, its value, the area, the current market and your personal preferences.

How will you help me prepare the property for sale?

With regard to the property itself, I’ll work with a property valuer to understand what actions to take in order to maximise the presentation of your property. This will typically include making necessary repairs to the core parts of the property from electrical systems to piping. I can also engage a professional property stylist to help stage your home before it is listed, which can significantly boost its perceived value to buyers. 

Apart from this, I’ll also handle the administrative and technical aspects of setting up of the property’s listing based on an agreed-upon strategy to give it the best chance of visibility to potential buyers in Innes Park.

What does the Innes Park market look like in 2024?

Being a coastal town, Innes Park’s real estate market has traditionally seen steady growth alongside low vacancy rates. This current trend is expected to continue throughout 2024 and beyond, marking 2024 with great potential for both buyers and sellers