Kepnock, QLD 4670 – Suburb Profile & Property Market Insights


With its central location and favourable mix of amenities, Kepnock offers a great choice for many looking to make the move to Queensland’s up and coming remote region in Bundaberg.

Kepnock, QLD suburb profile

Situated 3.9 km from Bundaberg Central, Kepnock is a quiet and homely suburb that is home to a friendly neighbourhood that looks out for one another. As a part of the rapidly urbanised areas in Bundaberg, Kepnock has grown over the years from a ‘town on the fringes’ to a bustling and established living zone that offers all the comforts of the city as well as easy access to the CBD. 

Population: 4,501

Number of Families: 1,195

Median Age: 43

Number of Dwellings: 1,891

Median Household Size: 2.4

Median Weekly Household Income: $1,151

Median Monthly Mortgage Repayment: $1,200



Is Kepnock a good place to live?

Kepnock is an excellent suburb to live in for young families or older folk, offering incredible community living alongside affordability. It by no means has the fast-paced nature of Australia’s bigger cities, but with the city centre only 5 minutes away, it retains a unique charm of its own that will only grow as the region continues to develop. Options for upmarket housing coupled with ample land sizes make for comfortable dwellings within the suburb that match any lifestyle.

With a community vibe, Kepnock is a safe, friendly, and reliable place to live in Bundaberg, one of the best regional towns in Queensland.

Amenities in Kepnock

Kepnock features a healthy spread of amenities for both families and outgoing individuals. Here are some of the highlights of the available amenities in Kepnock:


The Kepnock State High School is situated conveniently within the centre of the suburb, offering quality secondary school education to students. The school offers a special education program for students that require special attention. 


Kepnock has 6 parks covering nearly 10.5% of the total area within the suburb:.

  • CJ Neilson Park 
  • Clive Crescent Park 
  • Fe Walker Street Park 
  • Quinn Street Park 
  • Scotton Street Park 
  • Stehbens Park

It also includes access to the Baldwin Swamp Environment Park, which features protected wetlands and a rainforest habitat with walking tracks & boardwalks. For beach lovers, Bargara beach is only 10 minutes away via main roadways.  

The Kepnock Town Centre is host to the suburb’s community hub and serves as the heart of activity in Bundaberg’s eastern urban area. The shopping centre offers a range of retail and dining options, as well as healthcare facilities such as pharmacies. 

Property market in Kepnock

Kepnock’s real estate market is poised to continue growing into 2024 and beyond, off the trend of a steady uptake in price growth since 2020. Median house prices are now sitting at $446,250, which remains relatively affordable in comparison with the rest of the Bundaberg region. House prices also show an average annual growth rate of 11.93% , and this appreciation is likely to continue as the region develops. Kepnock’s housing market experiences high demand coupled with limited supply, resulting in a total of 83 house sales in 2023. With an average of 9 days on the market, buyers looking to find their future home in this quiet suburb should move swiftly. 

Kepnock’s House Price Insights

Median House Price: $446,250

12-Month Growth (2023): +8.90%

Quarterly Growth (Q3-Q4 2023): +1.42%

Average Annual Growth Rate: +11.93%

Median Weekly Rent: $530

Gross Rental Yield: 5.86%

Total Number of Sales (2023): 83

Average Time on Market: 9 days


Purchase your dream home in Kepnock with Ethan Hyde

Kepnock stands out as an appealing location for those considering a move to a community-focused suburb in regional Queensland. The affordability and healthy range of amenities make it an ideal locale for young families and retirees, but also those seeking career opportunities in Bundaberg’s flourishing local industries. With the potential for further appreciation in house value coupled with the increasing focus on regional development, residents in Kepnock have a lot to look forward to. 

If you are considering Kepnock as the location for your dream home, I’m here to help. As a local resident in Bundaberg myself, I know Kepnock’s real estate market like the back of my hand and can guide you towards the right home based on your preferences. 

Get in touch today to learn more about real estate services in Bundaberg, so we can find your future home in Kepnock.