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Wondering how much your Bundaberg property is worth? I’ll prepare a full appraisal report of your property and send a price guide based on the current market and online photos – straight to your phone.

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Residential Property Value Appraisal Bundaberg

Understanding just how much your Bundaberg property is worth begins with a property value appraisal by a local agent that has both the experience and connection in the local market to provide accurate assessments.

That’s me – Ethan Hyde. As a local resident in Bundaberg for over 15 years, I have the experience and market insights to be able to determine how your property will stack up in terms of value, in line with current market conditions. When you work with me, I’ll provide you with a clear insight and strategy for maximising the value of your Bundaberg property, and make sure that your preferences and goals are placed at the forefront of my approach. 

With a deep understanding of local real estate landscape, I will provide you with a property valuation that is both accurate and achievable. Whether you’re just curious to understand more about your property, or are open to potentially selling – I’ll be able to provide clarity on your real estate options. Get in touch today to get a free property value appraisal for your Bundaberg property!

Bundaberg’s Property Market

Bundaberg’s Median House Price 2024


(Annual Growth Rate 9.7%)

Bundaberg’s Median Unit Price 2024


(Annual Growth Rate 6.61%)


Other Important Market Insights

Bundaberg is seeing a surge of demand for quality housing, pushed by the relatively affordable cost of housing as compared to major cities in QLD and across Australia. The laid-back and friendly neighbourhood value of Bundaberg has become a huge draw for city-dwellers looking for a more relaxed alternative to set down roots.

Residential Property Value Appraisal Bundaberg

With over 15 years of industry and sales experience, I understand that navigating a regional property market like Bundaberg can be challenging. With my experience and expertise as a property agent and a local resident myself, I work closely with each client to ensure that the process is as smooth as favourable as possible for all parties. 

As I’m a specialised real estate agent who works exclusively in the Bundaberg region, I have intimate knowledge of the market, the inventory, and the latest trends and insights. You can trust me to provide an up-front appraisal of your property, set clear expectations, and manage the sales process from start to finish. At the end of the day, my priority is to secure an ideal sales outcome for you at the best price by handling the negotiation process with potential buyers on your behalf. 

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